Get closer to the humans you need to understand with a flexible, modular and integrated ResearchTech platform that compliments your existing tech stack and enables you to go so much further.

Project Management

Efficiently manage projects.

Triple your research ops efficiency with a full suite of project management tools for executing online market research. Integrate your own sample + other sources, manage feasibility, bidding, CRM, project management, quota enhancements, through to billing.

Additional features include:

  • Unified messaging to house and tie together all channels of communication into the project details.
  • Documentation management – never lose another quota file or client contract.
  • Automated project monitoring and real-time alerts combine the best of automation and human touch.



Panel  Management

The indispensable tool your PM team has been waiting for. 


Build and manage your panel with all of the features that you want, without the overhead that you don’t! From a customizable respondent portal to incentive management and quality control, seamlessly integrate one or all of RFG’s panel management modules to gain full control over your panel management stack without excess tech resources.



    Research Ecosystem

    Expand your reach to match the largest sample networks!


    If scaling up is in your team’s sights for 2020, it has now become even easier! Outpace your competition and accelerate your growth by accessing the buying networks of the largest sample buyers in one place. Enhance your potential overnight and marry humans to understanding by:

    • Connecting with RFG’s network of sample partners
    • Accessing the inventory of RFG’s customer network
    • Utilizing RFG’s routing technology to match sample through technology.



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    Find out what we’ve been saying in the press.

    ResearchTech platforms will drive the integration of research into the lives of consumers in a way that honors the uniquely human needs of privacy, respect and a sense of belonging.

    “Based on all of what we’re seeing with surveys and how people are matched with surveys, how we’re finding people, there’s room for improvement and we think we can really take this to the next level. So based on both internal feedback from strategic conversations with customers, looking at what we’re already building to facilitate our own business, and what the market is asking for, we’re pivoting our business.”

    Adam Froman, chief executive of Delvinia, said: “In Research For Good we’ve found a technology partner that, like us, want to be a market leader driving the industry forward through innovations in research technology.”

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