RFG’s ResearchTech is a ground-breaking suite of tools for Project Management, Survey Authoring, and Panel Management and Sample Ecosystem that will improve the quality and efficiency of your work.

How can we be so sure?

These are the tools we built for ourselves.



Before the Swiss invented their multi-tool, people just had to carry a bunch of random tools around in their pockets, on the off-chance that they might need a file, screwdriver, or tiny saw. Sound familiar?
Flexible ResearchTech Solutions
The multi-tool for the research world

At Research for Good we truly believe a more flexible process for market research means a better flow of human insight.

We know you want to get up close and personal with humans who can deliver quality insight. But technology too often gets in the way.


 Here are some of the concerns we hear:


Legacy systems don’t always cooperate with new tech, creating confusion and delay.
Teams are dealing with a patchwork of systems.
Often companies are forced into technologies which alter the way projects are started, panels are managed and surveys are designed.
Limitations to capability are created through a lack of flexibility and restricted integration in legacy systems.

Technology should not dictate the research but enable human understanding.

As no two humans are alike, there is not one perfect configuration of technology for every approach to the full cycle of online data collection. 

That’s why we’ve broken our proprietary platform into modules that can be licensed individually and integrated into your ideal system to create your most ideal workflow.

Survey Engine

Need a state-of-the-art survey platform? Using our survey engine as the foundation for your study allows your team to create device-agnostic surveys, custom-tailored to your specifications. Start from scratch with our survey builder, or upload your pre-written document and our engine will handle the format conversion. 

Great for creating flexible, multimedia-compatible surveys featuring both in-survey and post-survey analysis. 
Project Management

Our project management module plugs into existing systems (via API) giving your team a suite of tools to run feasibility, monitor all projects in field, manage quotas, automatically monitor sample progress and receive alerts to potential sample shortages, manage invoices and more all while keeping all communication flowing in one place.

Great for use as an integrated, end-to-end data collection business platform. 
Panel Management
Want to host and manage your own panel? Plugging in our panel solution module will automate your sampling, better manage your respondents and create better panel economics. Customizable respondent portals, incentive management, and quality control all seamlessly integrate your panel management without requiring excess tech resources.
Great for an all-in-one solution to building and managing your own panel without excess tech resources. 
ResearchTech lets you only license what you need!
Use Cases

Use your preferred survey authoring tool to create your questionnaire.

Insert the URL into our Project Management system to programmatically purchase sample, efficiently monitor fielding, and track all internal and external communications related to your project’s activity.

Harmonize and facilitate the complete end-to-end management of your project’s lifecycle from bid request right through to billing.

Use our Survey Engine to build your own limitless library of device agnostic survey questions. You can either modify RFG’s existing library or create your own from scratch.

Use RFG’s in-survey analysis tools for advanced targeting and quotas to efficiently reach the humans you need to understand.

Integrate with third-party data visualization tools for a holistic post-survey analysis

Import your database to our Panel Management system and have full flexibility to create the respondent portal of your dreams; including incentive management, infrastructure to support gamification and the ability to launch multiple custom panels easily.

Automate your sample invitation process to make the best use of your sample asset, creating an experience that drives higher completion rates.

Integrate with your favorite survey platforms to execute the projects that get you closest to human understanding. Extend your quantitative eco-system with our flexible modules.

Extend your quantitative eco-system with our flexible modules.


1. Is the Research For Good ResearchTech a fully customized system?
To deliver the greatest value we have carefully broken our system into modules. Each module has built-in features which can be leveraged. You customize your tech stack by adding only what you need of our platform modules. This approach saves everyone custom development costs, and delivers a flexible approach to finding the best tool for your business.
2. If we already run Confirmit for survey design can we still integrate RFG ResearchTech modules?
Each module can be purchased separately, giving you control over creating your unique tech stack by accessing modules we’ve created. Our API connectivity allows you to integrate the pieces of technology which best suit your use case and team approach, with cross-platform compatibility to fit your needs.
3. When is the right time for my company to upgrade technology?
Because the RFG ResearchTech stack is modular, you can upgrade pieces of your technology without starting a full overhaul of your platform.
4. What is the difference between this ResearchTech and respondent sample services RFG provides?

RFG started as a sample company and continues to provide quality sample services. We offer end-to-end creation, management and delivery of quantitative research studies. To do this, we built a proprietary technology platform. In response to the demand for adaptable technology, we’ve broken our system into ResearchTech modules and made them available for licensing individually. Clients who wish to keep their entire projects in-house now can leverage components of our software – licensing only the modules needed for their business.

5. Do humans run your company?

Yes, Research For Good is entirely run by humans. We look forward to having our humans help your humans better understand humans.

Let our humans build your humans a better machine for understanding humans