Humans who conduct research need an integrated approach to starting and managing projects. Whether handing off a project to our expert team for completion, or looking for flexible technology to add to your stack, we keep the quality human insights as the focus.

Humans who participate in research need their time and effort to be respected. Any system configured to make the most of their attention requires eliminating redundancies and delivering a positive respondent experience. 

We believe that how we do business can change the world. That’s why we operate on a one-for-one incentive model. For each completed survey, we make a donation to our charity partner.

Our current partner, Action Against Hunger has a goal of ending world hunger by 2030 and we can all help make that a human reality.


RFG’s ResearchTech is a ground-breaking suite of tools for Project Management, PanelManagement, and Research Ecosystem Facilitation that is modular, flexible and integrated.

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Our respondents are the heart of everything we do. RFG embraces the human at the center of all research and enables a holistic understanding of individuals at scale.

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Translation, Data Processing, Data Cleaning and Data Delivery – Our project management team makes sure your project is on time and within budget.

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Remember: for every complete we deliver, we make a donation to our charity partner Action Against Hunger!


Get access to our proprietary platform tools in a modular format to fit your specific project needs! 

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